Side of Lamb


Free Pickup from either the Bairnsdale or Metung Farmers Markets, or from Riviera Meats in Bairnsdale at 6/30 Howitt Ave, Eastwood.

We make a run once a month, so your order will be available after the first Saturday of each month. Feel free to call us to confirm dates and timings.

Our animals are raised ethically and cared for on our farms throughout their lives, creating a low-stress environment which is the main reason our meats are so sought after.

A side of lamb, cut to your specifications is an economical way to order to use as much of the animal as possible, making the rearing and consumption of our lambs as ethical, complete and sustainable as possible.

Select your preferred cut from each of the sections below to guide our butcher to provide you with your ideal combination of cuts.

Make sure you step through each cut and review your choices at the end. We waste very little of the animal and you are welcome to also select to include dog bones, lamb’s fry and kidneys if you wish, though we won’t be offended if you don’t 🙂