Ethically raised, grass fed lamb is essential for the discerning meat connoisseur

And at Forge Creek Lamb, we have raised our animals this way for three generations.

We bring a farm-to-table experience to customers in Gippsland with whole or half lambs cut to your specifications.

Nestled in picturesque East Gippsland, Forge Creek Lamb is a family business owned and operated by Neil & Angela Stringer.

Sustainable farming practices are a critical factor on our farm, with approximately 15% of the property fenced off from stock. We take conscious care of the land by planting and regenerating indigenous vegetation and minimising nutrient and sediment runoff from grazing.

As passionate caretakers of the land, we strive to maintain a diverse ecosystem so future generations can continue the ethical farming legacy. Passion in what we do is a part of our daily routine on the farm. Ethical grazing conditions are mandatory because we believe our lambs are more than a commodity.

We breed and produce prime lamb and give the animals lots of freedom to graze on quality pasture.

Connect with the Stringer family, enjoy the farm to table experience

When you visit the Bairnsdale or Metung Farmers Markets you can meet Neil and Angela in person and engage in farming and lamb connoisseur conversations.

We encourage you to ask Neil about the day-to-day running of the farm or Angela about the different cuts of meat and her latest pie recipe.

They would love you to share your latest food experience with them because farming and slow food conversations are what they do best.

Relaxing moments like this is what makes buying from Forge Creek Lamb a true farm-to-table experience.